Notes from Das Boot 223

Saturday 2/21/15, on a ferry between Denmark and Sweden

7am ferry to Gothenborg, had a couple of Danish kroners left and I got the “breakfast special” coffee and a Semla which looked like a light whipped cream pastry but was really a hard roll with unsweetened whipped cream on it, at least the coffee was hot. ish.

The Effenaar in Eindhoven has an elevator to go between the five floors. I have been reading a book on Stiff Records and I was on the elevator and looking at the tour dates on my laminate, I saw Aarhus and I was started to sing Our House by Madness (who were on Stiff Records) but substituting Aarhus. “Aarhus…in the middle of the street…”. The elevator door opened and the drummer from the opening band Bombus* was standing there and just stared at me as I trailed off “AARHuuuus…….” He didn’t get on and just backed away as the door closed.

*Bombus are a solid outfit from Sweden who sound like a cross between Motörhead and High on Fire.

Still life with disappointing Semla

  1. That picture must be a hoax.
    A) There is no thing as a disappointing semla.
    B) Bobo doesn’t sleep, and neither pass out. He just goes to his bunk and waits.

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