Notes from Das Boot, 221

Sunday 2/15/15, London England

Finishing up our U.K. shows. A couple of notes:
36 Crazy Fists played another room at the deceptively gigantic Rock City in Nottingham the night we were there. I have it on good authority that really only 30 of the fists are crazy, the other 6 are just sad and acting out.

-The bus is slowly turning into a plague ship. Bob is just getting over the bus cold, which consists of equal parts cement head and peanut butter lung. Now Chris has it and Bobo who always seems to be working on a low level hacking cough regimen seems a little bit worse. Two weeks to go, hoping I can dodge the sick bullet

Monday 2/16/15, Saarbrucken Germany

-Good day off here. Hotel is very nice and has a real bed. The Ibis hotels that we’ve been normally getting on days off have beds that are like a wrestling mat on a sheet of plywood.
Normally on days off I do my best to avoid everybody on tour. I like everybody but for fucks sake, 24 hours a day with the same people in cramped quarters for weeks on end is enough to blow your goddamned brains out. Having said that, a bunch of us went out to dinner at a local brewery/restaurant and it was great, not once did I want to take a flamethrower to the rest of the table

-Our tour mgr. Bobo or Jens Bornhoft aka: The Brutal Strudel or Baron Von Bumout, occasionally writes his own blog about touring. Notes From der Panzer, it’s a different view of touring then this shambles. In my continuing ineptness with all things digital, I don’t have a link but check Jens Bornhoft in my list of Friends on facebook. Or perhaps if the good Baron is reading this he can supply his own link. I hope he writes a book of his touring stories and calls it Who Do You Think You Are, Eric Clapton?!

Old german cigarette ad

    • Spank
    • February 17th, 2015

    Hey, you guys wanna have a little fun? Tell customs just before you leave for the USA that you suspect Bob has typhoid and ebola (say it just like they do in the Ricola cough drops commercial for added hilarity), and laugh as they haul him away and quarantine him for 6 months.

    Plot twist: Bob planted evidence, reveals his joke and tells customs “Yeah? Well everyone else here has explosives in their underwear” ….. he’ll get out in 6 months, you guys will languish in prison for years !!!

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