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Notes from Das Boot 220

Saturday, 2/14/15, Glasgow Scotland

The dreary gloominess of Glasgow is emphasized by driving into it on a rainy morning looking thru the dirty tinted windows of the bus. It’s best summed up by this poem by Yeats
Upon Entering Glasgow
No NO! NO!!

The show at Rock City, was good. Their loaders are some of the best we’ve had. Actual Hells Angels, we could have left our gear in the parking lot and no one would have messed with it.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of clubs in the U.K. are their sticky floors. I found out the reason, they add a small amount of maple syrup to their mop buckets. Sometimes the floors aren’t sticky enough and they spread a thin coat of honey to make it comply with U.K. sticky floor regulations.
Bob pointed out that the 5£ Scottish note has Scotty from Star Trek on it. This money is not accepted in any other part of the U.K.

Autographed photo of Mark E. Smith, backstage at Rock City