Notes from Das Boot 218

Thursday 2/12/15, Antwerp Belgium

In Deventer we played Burgerweeshuis*, a cool small room that was sold out. The house crew was solid but I had trouble with the lighting techs name, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. The other house guys had names that I could make out through their Dutch accent, Alex, Matthias but when it came to the light guy:
Hey, I’m Tim the light guy from Magnet
Hello, my name’s is (what sounded like) Urine
No, Urine
No no… Urine
Fuck, I didn’t want to start off this way. My hearings not great and heavy accents don’t help. One more try, maybe his parents were old hippies
…(puzzled look)…no no.. Ureen…
It was past the point of uncomfortableness and I just called him “hey man” for the rest of the night, he didn’t seem to care.

*(loose translation, “house of tiny hamburgers”. Although recently they have switched over to the healthier “house of tiny salads” or Saladweehuis. The tiny chef salad consists of a single lettuce leaf, a carrot shaving and a thought balloon of ham)

When in Antwerp, drink Seef

    • Mike Baker
    • February 12th, 2015

    Drink enough Seef, and by the end of the night you just might be able to pronounce his name.

  1. For some reason, the I.Q. of most Belgians drop thirty points when they cross the border. I was at a youth hostel in Philadelphia, talking to two Belgian college students and one from Japan. I thought that since a museum honoring the art of their country man was in Center City, that they might like to visit it.
    “Oh, you’re from Belgium? You must visit the Rodin Museum.”
    They stared at each other, then asked “Rodin? Who is Rodin?”
    I mentioned “A giant pterodactyl that flies over Tokyo…”
    At least the Japanese student got the joke.

  2. Looks like they bagged another Seef drinker for the Trophy Room.

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