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Notes From Das Boot 216

Sunday, 2/8/15 Oberhausen, Germany

Yesterdays show in Lyss, Switzerland was pretty solid. Small stage, good crowd. The house crew was good but the lighting guy spoke little to no English. As I’ve said many times before ( I often bring around a dead horse to beat) that even though it makes things a bit rough when the house crew doesn’t speak much English. We’re the interlopers here, I’m in their country and I don’t speak their language, so I shouldn’t get too bent out of shape when their English is less than understandable. All that money I spent at mime school really pays off in situations like these. You should see how I convey Pan/Tilt for a Technobeam. Anyhow, it was slow going with this kid, the best / worst was sorting the strobe light, my point ended up being conveyed like this, but repeated quickly, like a sock puppet with out the sock



We are in Oberhausen today playing at a gigantic old factory. Really huge, like some place they would build starships in.
Here is a picture of the backstage, it looks like something Bruce McCall* would draw (minus the humor)


*if you don’t know Bruce McCall, you really should. He’s drawn comic pieces for National Lampoon and a bunch of covers for The New Yorker. If you are lucky enough to ever come across a book he did called Zany Afternoons, buy it.