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Notes from Das Boot 215

Saturday 2/7/15, somewhere in Switzerland

Contents: 2 half baked stories, a picture of a dog and hopefully a Flipagram describing one of the almost stories

We had stayed at an Ibis Hotel in Vienna. Spartan would be a charitable way to describe this chain. Breakfast is a cheap spread as well and it’s not included but it’s usually crowded and most of the breakfast crew usually don’t care, so most times you can grab breakfast for free. Therefore saving/stealing 7€. Yesterday morning as I was eating a small bowl of muesli and some off brand yogurt, “room number please?”…and then reader boredom set in…zzzzzzzzzzzz

We played the Szene in Vienna, we usually play The Arena which was the home of the “if you smell weed, you will not succeed” crew, aka “the vanishing crew” and I would always bemoan playing there. Well, the Szene has a solid house crew but the load in for the lights is a little bit of a work out. Out the back door, and then up either an aggressive set of metal stairs or a lazy ladder (it could be described as either), onto the roof over a metal walkway, and then though some back rooms. It’s only rough while lugging gear, pray it’s not raining or snowing…and then reader boredom set in…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Souza from The Szene, the best crew guy on the tour

Bad news, The Flipagram didn’t make it. It really would have brought this whole blog together. Oh well. Check my Instagram @feedtim to see it or not.