Notes from Das Boot 214

Thursday, 2/5/15, Vienna Austria
Day off today, so it was alright. Went back to the Leopold Museum (caution: falling names) where I saw a bunch Egon Schiele, paintings along with some Klimt, Magritte and a bunch of other artists I wasn’t familiar with. A good day.
I have been growing a beard since the beginning of the tour and I wanted to tighten it up today. I have grown tour beards in the past that have failed spectacularly. One year I tried a neck beard and another I just grew a mustache. With both of these I looked like something that would be found in a mad scientists book of failures, “these experiments didn’t work out, I’ve only taken pictures of their shadows, their actual faces would be too much to bear”. So this time I was just going to go for a normal everyday beard. But the tour beard is a harsh mistress and I kept trying to even it out until I was left with more or less what I started out with, a chin curtain. What’s it hiding? A double chin? no chin? Mmmmmm…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Tomorrow we are playing The Szene. I’m not a big fan of the venue, the only way up to the lighting desk is to go outside behind the club and climb a series of fire escapes and ladders with my gear. I hope it’s not snowing.

This sad wordless story is a fixture in every car of every public transport in Vienna: a woman gets pregnant, has her baby who suffers a debilitating accident and dies alone and old. The end

    • foxycotic
    • February 6th, 2015

    The man was born without eyes because his mother was a dangerous alien woman (also without a face). Long long time ago she brought suffering and death to the world. Starting right here in Vienna. Beware of people with glasses – they might just wear them to hide that they have no eyes.
    And don’t start acting strange when you see the symbols!! It’s like in the short story ‘the hanging stranger’ from Philip K. Dick. If they realise that you can understand that there is a story behind them they will try to catch you.
    If they do you will have to wear a really strange beard plus glasses for the rest of your life covering your faceless face…

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