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Notes from Das Boot 214

Thursday, 2/5/15, Vienna Austria
Day off today, so it was alright. Went back to the Leopold Museum (caution: falling names) where I saw a bunch Egon Schiele, paintings along with some Klimt, Magritte and a bunch of other artists I wasn’t familiar with. A good day.
I have been growing a beard since the beginning of the tour and I wanted to tighten it up today. I have grown tour beards in the past that have failed spectacularly. One year I tried a neck beard and another I just grew a mustache. With both of these I looked like something that would be found in a mad scientists book of failures, “these experiments didn’t work out, I’ve only taken pictures of their shadows, their actual faces would be too much to bear”. So this time I was just going to go for a normal everyday beard. But the tour beard is a harsh mistress and I kept trying to even it out until I was left with more or less what I started out with, a chin curtain. What’s it hiding? A double chin? no chin? Mmmmmm…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Tomorrow we are playing The Szene. I’m not a big fan of the venue, the only way up to the lighting desk is to go outside behind the club and climb a series of fire escapes and ladders with my gear. I hope it’s not snowing.

This sad wordless story is a fixture in every car of every public transport in Vienna: a woman gets pregnant, has her baby who suffers a debilitating accident and dies alone and old. The end