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Notes from Das Boot 213

Wednesday, 2/4/15, Munich Germany
It’s 4:30pm here, I’m sitting in catering having a cup of coffee and listening to the latest podcast of The Best Show with Tom Scharpling. The Best Show podcast is a nice little piece of home that makes the tour easier. We’re just outside of Munich in an industrial-ish area. Munich’s version of Secaucus NJ. The Backstage Werk is a place we’ve played a bunch of times before. It’s a solid place, the gear and crew are good. There are two house lighting guys today and they are kids, one’s young enough to be my son and the other is young enough to be my grandson. Both of them know more about lights than I do.
I had mentioned earlier about pointy-jabby things on the bus. The worst one so far has been a stair that has so far jabbed me in the knee a few times while walking upstairs in the moving bus. My natural stumbling ability (I was an all state stumbler in high school) is really coming in handy.

Ye Olde Knee Killer