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Notes from Das Boot 212

Monday, 2/2/15, Lausanne Switzerland

Flew into Frankfurt and got all our gear with a minimum of hassle and got to our new bus. It’s standard euro double decker. 12 bunks, two lounges, bathroom. I always forget just how low the ceilings are on these busses. I’m so hunched over I look like an overweight Nosferatu when I’m walking through it. There are also a few pointy things especially on the stairs that I’m sure will jab and annoy most everybody on tour.
The Greek shows were great but it’s like a play opening in New Haven. We have all our regular gear now and the bus, so it seems a bit more official. Also Paco our merch guy and voice of reason is back now as well, so it feels like the tour is starting for real.

What everybody kind of looks like when walking through the bus