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Notes from das boot 211

Sunday, 2/1/15, Thessaloniki Greece
Rain, and gloom and more rain on Saturday. The club (Fix Factory) unexpectedly had their shit together, making it two for two in Greece. Greek shows are usually a crapshoot, the crew at the clubs work their asses off but the lights and sound are subpar or in disrepair but these two shows had solid gear and good crews, so it was alright.
I’m not much for Greek food and neither is Danny our sound man. When food is a little sketchy a good move is Italian food, it’s kind of hard to ruin spaghetti. Of course in hindsight getting cheap Italian food in Greece makes no goddamn sense. I ended up getting spaghetti bolognese and it was like an open faced grilled cheese sandwich but instead of bread, substitute dense over cooked spaghetti. It was odd.
At the airport waiting for our flight back to Frankfurt where we get our bus (home for four weeks). Flying with a shitload of gear, which means we’ll be straggling thru Frankfurt airport like a bunch of hoboes dragging a ton of shit

One of the best things in Greece is the coffee frappe