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Notes from das Boot, 210

Saturday, 1/31/15, Athens

First show went well, a couple of small hiccups but really solid. The Gazi Music Hall is probably the best place we’ve ever played in Greece and the house crew was really good. The only thing that was a little squirrelly for me was the smoke machine here. There wasn’t much control over it, it was feast or famine. The smoke vacillated between Rollins Band (no smoke) or Sisters of Mercy (all smoke, no breathable air), so it got a bit dense in some parts of the set. The promoter here is a really good guy who I’ve met about a dozen times but always forget his name ( as I forget most people’s names), Bob had a good fix, “If you call any guy Nick or Costas, you’ll be right most of the time”, it was Costas.
Up early to fly to Thessaloniki this morning for our second show