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Notes From Das Boot 209

Friday, 1/30/15, Athens

Wednesday afternoon thru Thursday afternoon were mostly spend en route. Rest of Thursday spent regaining human form. First of two shows in Greece today. Athens is cool and it’s laid out like spiderweb made by a spider who was dosed
During the layover at the Frankfurt airport, I was somewhat dozing on a bench by the gate. A woman and her two kids were there as well, the kids were throwing newspapers around and generally acting like hyperactive kids in the midst of travel. The woman barked out “Sally!” At one of her kids. In my semi awake state, I thought she said “sorry” and I mumbled ” no, no that’s cool, don’t worry about it” for which I got the stink eye. I went back to Snoring Droolsville (my sleep town) and shortly after “Sally!”, again I mumbled that the perceived apology was unnecessary. I got another stink eye and they left.
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street map of Athens as done by a dosed spider