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I Hate Me, part 539,111

This guy came in and had a stack of records. I have to take the record out of it’s cover, take it out of it’s sleeve and check the condition. Most times the paper sleeve needs to be turned around so the record will come out. It’s a minor move, not like professional sign twirling but there is a rhythm that I get into while doing it.
This guy wanted to help to move things along, this never works.
Let me help take those records out of the sleeves it’s cool…I got it
No let me do some..go fast
I don’t think its gonna speed things up but they’re your records
Yeah..These are my brothers records…they’re shit…I got good stuff
These are fine…good rock stuff
[As we’re talking and I’m looking at records this guy is manhandling the first record he’s “helping with” The Kinks-One For the Road. Just destroying it, tearing the cover to get to the sleeves, then tearing the sleeves to get to the records]
Man…this is a tough one’re destroying the record
[blank look]
The record is no longer sellable…you tore it up
It’ll still play
I’m sure it will… but look at the cover man…it’s shot
Yeah..I guess…you’re almost done anyway
I got good stuff…my brothers stuff is shit

it'll still play

it’ll still play