I Hate Me, part 587,991

Really cold night, no business. A couple of stoned, loud talking hipsters wander in.
-…So I didn’t know that a lot of dishwashers don’t speak american, so I asked them did they like the dance I was doing and I think they said ”crazy american”
-yeah…that’s hilarious .
[looking thru used LP’s and finding Journey-Infinity]
-DUDE! Journeysis…I hope it has my song…
-what is it?
-I don’t know…you know…the one…Journeysis…dude!
…isn’t that just Journey?
-..oh…yeah..hahahahaha…I don’t buy vinyls here but most places have awesome stuff somewhere…but you gotta look [looks at me]…dude…where’s the awesome stuff?
Me-It’s all awesome.
[looks at his friend] …uh…no it ain’t
[finds Bill Cosby-Is a Very Funny Fellow… Right record]
-Duuuuude…Bill Cosby…
Then I went outside took off all my clothes, poured gasoline over my head, set myself on fire and marched down Broad Street.
[in reality]
I went to get a coffee and mercifully they were gone when I got back.



    • Mike Baker
    • January 9th, 2015

    Don’t stop, believing. They will be back at some point. Got to love the hipsters dude. With out them, the resurgence in vinyl wouldn’t have happened. Keep them coming Tim. Love to have my weekly laugh.

  1. oy-sis!

    • Spank
    • January 9th, 2015

    hey, you’re lucky …. at least they didn’t stink.

  2. You should have hired those guys on the spot. they certainly know their shit.

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