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Notes from das Boot, 210

Saturday, 1/31/15, Athens

First show went well, a couple of small hiccups but really solid. The Gazi Music Hall is probably the best place we’ve ever played in Greece and the house crew was really good. The only thing that was a little squirrelly for me was the smoke machine here. There wasn’t much control over it, it was feast or famine. The smoke vacillated between Rollins Band (no smoke) or Sisters of Mercy (all smoke, no breathable air), so it got a bit dense in some parts of the set. The promoter here is a really good guy who I’ve met about a dozen times but always forget his name ( as I forget most people’s names), Bob had a good fix, “If you call any guy Nick or Costas, you’ll be right most of the time”, it was Costas.
Up early to fly to Thessaloniki this morning for our second show


Notes From Das Boot 209

Friday, 1/30/15, Athens

Wednesday afternoon thru Thursday afternoon were mostly spend en route. Rest of Thursday spent regaining human form. First of two shows in Greece today. Athens is cool and it’s laid out like spiderweb made by a spider who was dosed
During the layover at the Frankfurt airport, I was somewhat dozing on a bench by the gate. A woman and her two kids were there as well, the kids were throwing newspapers around and generally acting like hyperactive kids in the midst of travel. The woman barked out “Sally!” At one of her kids. In my semi awake state, I thought she said “sorry” and I mumbled ” no, no that’s cool, don’t worry about it” for which I got the stink eye. I went back to Snoring Droolsville (my sleep town) and shortly after “Sally!”, again I mumbled that the perceived apology was unnecessary. I got another stink eye and they left.
I am also posting tour stuff on Instagram @feedtim

street map of Athens as done by a dosed spider

Sunday Music 1/25/15

Scientists-When Fate Deals it’s Mortal Blow

This is from Sedition (ATP 2007) a live recording from a 2006 reunion show in the U.K.  It kind of slipped under the radar but it’s well worth picking up


I hate me, part 541,966

I’m going away on tour next week ( I do lights for Monster Magnet) and I’ve started packing, and outside of the usual socks and underwear, everything else that’s going are clothes that get a lemon face and a “You’re wearing that?” from Carrie whenever I try to sneak them into my starting lineup. She has a good point, they mostly look like clothes that somebody would wear if they were asked to be in a police lineup for bums. Stains that have become part of the shirt design, tears that look like they designed for undiscovered appendages. Ill fitting, not in a “too big, too small” way but in a “are you sure that shirt was designed for a human?” way. So these misfit clothes will be doing battle with the rock venues of Europe. Some won’t return, they will not be mourned.

I have seen the greatest shirts of my generation destroyed by madness

I have seen the greatest shirts of my generation destroyed by madness

I Hate Me, part 561,174

A few shorter things:

-For a while now I thought that “Phablet” meant “Fabulous Tablet” and not a giant phone/tiny tablet.

-Eating lunch by myself at a chinese restaurant a few weeks ago. As I was reading the paper and and just shoveling General Tso’s chicken into my gaping maw, a piece of the chicken fell off the fork and landed on my shirt, without a second thought I stabbed it with my fork and ate it. Right after I did that I realized that I was fulfilling Carrie’s very real fear that I’m not fit for society and little more than just a woodland creature stuffed into a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt, Baby Huey crossed with a rabid Paddington Bear.

-Guy calls the store:
I want The Drifters album What you See is What you Get
I think that’s The Dramatics, I don’t think the Drifters had an album with that title, I’ll check
……….Yeah, that’s the Dramatics-Whatcha See is Whatcha Get, and we’re out of stock on it.
Ok, I’ll be down to check it out.
There’s nothing to check out. No album by that name exists by the Drifters and we are out of stock on the cd by The Dramatics called Whatcha See is Whatcha get
No no …No I want the Drifters ALBUM What You See is What You Get.
It doesn’t exist.
So you’re out of it

mistaken for fabulous tablet

mistaken for fabulous tablet


Sunday Music 1/18/15

B.A.L.L.-When is a Man
B.A.L.L. was an amazing underheard band that was on the Shimmy Disc label. Consisting of Don Fleming, Kramer, David Licht and Jay Spiegel. Short noisy songs with a propulsive two drummer attack, they shared members with the more well known Bongwater. This is from their second album Bird (1988) and is also collected on the CD Bird/Period combining their first two albums


I Hate Me, part 539,111

This guy came in and had a stack of records. I have to take the record out of it’s cover, take it out of it’s sleeve and check the condition. Most times the paper sleeve needs to be turned around so the record will come out. It’s a minor move, not like professional sign twirling but there is a rhythm that I get into while doing it.
This guy wanted to help to move things along, this never works.
Let me help take those records out of the sleeves it’s cool…I got it
No let me do some..go fast
I don’t think its gonna speed things up but they’re your records
Yeah..These are my brothers records…they’re shit…I got good stuff
These are fine…good rock stuff
[As we’re talking and I’m looking at records this guy is manhandling the first record he’s “helping with” The Kinks-One For the Road. Just destroying it, tearing the cover to get to the sleeves, then tearing the sleeves to get to the records]
Man…this is a tough one’re destroying the record
[blank look]
The record is no longer sellable…you tore it up
It’ll still play
I’m sure it will… but look at the cover man…it’s shot
Yeah..I guess…you’re almost done anyway
I got good stuff…my brothers stuff is shit

it'll still play

it’ll still play


Sunday Music 1/11/15

Billy Gibbons-Oh Well

This Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era) cover is from a Billy Gibbons/Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy single (Drag City, 2012)
(please note: I recorded this from a single and upon re-listening I notice a slight skip or two)


I Hate Me, part 587,991

Really cold night, no business. A couple of stoned, loud talking hipsters wander in.
-…So I didn’t know that a lot of dishwashers don’t speak american, so I asked them did they like the dance I was doing and I think they said ”crazy american”
-yeah…that’s hilarious .
[looking thru used LP’s and finding Journey-Infinity]
-DUDE! Journeysis…I hope it has my song…
-what is it?
-I don’t know…you know…the one…Journeysis…dude!
…isn’t that just Journey?
-..oh…yeah..hahahahaha…I don’t buy vinyls here but most places have awesome stuff somewhere…but you gotta look [looks at me]…dude…where’s the awesome stuff?
Me-It’s all awesome.
[looks at his friend] …uh…no it ain’t
[finds Bill Cosby-Is a Very Funny Fellow… Right record]
-Duuuuude…Bill Cosby…
Then I went outside took off all my clothes, poured gasoline over my head, set myself on fire and marched down Broad Street.
[in reality]
I went to get a coffee and mercifully they were gone when I got back.



Sunday Music 1/4/15

Sleepy John Estes-Liquor Store Blues

John Adams Estes (1899-1977), not sure where this song is from