Sunday Music 11/9/14

The Heads-Legavaan Satellite

This is from the recently reissued Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Rooster) originally released in 2000. These guys have never really gotten their due over here, maybe because their main U.S. label (Man’s Ruin) sank pretty quickly and it’s a goddamn shame. This record especially (and you should pick up everything they have released) is a heavy, psych drenched, shambling mess. Which is the way it should be, parts of it sound like Mudhoney jamming with Neu! or an argument between The Stooges and The Cosmic Psychos and everything is run through a mean, drug addled Hawkwind machine. This is a 2 cd set, the second collects a bunch of BBC recordings and some Man’s Ruins things. Buy this.


  1. I’ve got ‘Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive’ (2lp) and an official ‘unofficial’ lp from Record Store Day 2012 ‘Radio One’ ltd. edition of 500. I forgot they were on Mans Ruin. I worked at a couple of record stores when they were in operation and I obtained some excellent promo’s, I still have a few. All white label cds. That label was great and, yes, a ‘goddamned shame’ that they went under after such a brief period of choice offerings.

    • galbacco
    • November 9th, 2014

    Man I can’t speak highly enough of The Heads. I have pretty much everything they have released and they are the tits.

    Tim, I think you missed off Monster Magnet in your description as they cited the band as an early influence. In fact I once made a comment to Simon Price after you plugged their Dead in the Water/Relaxing With../White Hills split release and he replied with ‘That’s very kind of Mr Cronin. We went to see the Magnet play at the Underworld, way back when (first English shows?) and saw Tim crossing the street, should’ve said hi to the Centre of the Universe.’

    You guys should do some shows together (they supported Mudhoney at Koko in ’09) it would be the ultimate stonerspacepsychsludge show in town…

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