I Hate Me, Part 477,198


I was coming back from getting a coffee and I saw a crazy woman who doubles as a crazy customer who doesn’t buy anything but asks rhetorical questions regarding how her boyfriend could cheat on her. Not in a “How could he do this to me?” type of way but in a logistical “How could he do this to me…when I was watching him like a hawk?” way. So I gave her a wide berth and got to the back counter unscathed where I was greeted by a large sad old man.
“Do You have 70’s music…the fabulous 70’s music?”
“mmm Is that the name of the album you’re looking for?”
“No, it was fabulous”
I start walking him over to the compilation section
“are you looking for that old collection called Fabulous 70’s…because that’s out of print”
“no…no it was the music that was fabulous and it was from the 70’s.”
“yeah…fabulous…can you think of any song or artist that you were thinking of?”
“No…it was on the radio and it was fast”
“ahhhyeahh..the 70’s was quite a chunk of time…and there was a lot of music made during that time…
-blank stare-
“…a LOT of music….so…rock music?…dance music?…”
“it was fast”
“fast?…fast songs from the 70’s”
“Yeah…I don’t want no ballads”
“…urrhhhhuhhh…ok… was it fast and heavy like…uh…Led Zeppelin…or fast like the Ramones…?”
-blank stare-
look man…you’re givin’ me nothin’ here… ya gotta work with me a little bit”
“it was just fast, you have anything like that?”
“not really, here’s all our 70’s comps”
Heavy sigh “…ok”

not fabulous enough

not fabulous enough


    • Spank
    • October 13th, 2014

    Do you sell hubcaps for a ’72 Pinto hatchback?

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