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Notes From Das Boot 208

A few of us were talking a couple of days ago about weird/shitty tours we had been on and Monster Magnets tour with Rob Zombie in ’98 came up. It was a US tour with Fear Factory opening, us and then Zombie. It was a solid bill. We had opened up for White Zombie a few years earlier and outside of a couple of incidents it was good tour. This tour was different, it was pretty brutal. Mainly because of their guy Ted and his right hand man this english guy, Arthur who we referred to as his “droog”. These guys were complete dicks and reveled in fucking with the opening bands. Nothing gigantic, a lot of nickel and dime shit and they exuded a general paranoid, us against them mentality. The rest of the crew guys were fine. Zombie had a bunch of stage props that they were very protective of, usually hidden away under lock and key. Traveling around the country in a closed society like a tour sometimes puts the zap on you and things that are insignificant end up having great importance, almost to the point of obsession. One of these was getting to the locked up stage props. Real “Hogan’s Heroes” type thing. We weren’t going to destroy or desecrate them but we wanted them to know that they could be gotten to.  We finally found our chance when their prop lair was unlocked and unattended. We took a few polaroids of us wearing the masks and left them around where they could be seen by Zombie and chums. They were pretty pissed but it was towards the end of the tour so there wasn’t much they could do.