Notes from Das boot 205

6/18/14 Erfurt,Germany

I was told that we played this club ( Stadgarten ) before and it had a shitty load-in and a non-existent crew. I couldn’t remember it but with a description like that I wasn’t sure I wanted to. We got here and it hit me, ugh. The load-in is still shitty but crew this time has been really good. The trigger to me remembering it came from the backstage. There’s a lot of stairways that lead to empty rooms and locked doors, a very “hello Cleveland!” vibe. And the lights in theses rooms and staircases are on motion sensors but these sensors are slightly slow, so I’m halfway through the room before the lights go on. Today I have already tripped over a chair and walked into a wall because of the slow lights and it really hurt, mainly because I felt like an idiot but a good part of it was actual pain from falling over a chair. I think I might have written almost the same thing last time we were here because I do remember tripping over stuff (but me tripping over stuff isn’t news, “he could trip over smoke” was a description that was ascribed to me a lot as a kid). The club has what is referred to as “inter-not”, you can get connected but you can’t actually get on line. So you just have the illusion of an internet connection. Four shows left.

CIgarette farm, Germany

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