Notes from Das Boot 202

6/11/14, Copenhagen, Copenhell Fest.

Most of a day off yesterday at a super modern hotel/convention center. It’s cool looking but it’s so modern and forward thinking that there’s a glass wall that separates the bathroom from the sleeping part. This is fine if you’re not sharing a room, unfortunately Danny and I are so it’s an annoying five flights down to the lobby toilet. There’s some decals on the glass but it’s still a glass wall in front of a toilet.
As Seb one our techs put it “Copenhell was more Hell and less Copen“, a couple of snafus and some rain but it was an alright day. I wish I liked Anthrax and Iron Maiden. The next couple of days here feature Clutch, Graveyard and Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats which are bands I would like to see. Long drive to Download Fest tonight and tomorrow.

This way for camping, music and co-joined twins

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