Notes from Das boot 200

Sweden Rock, Solvesborg

After a long first day which was spent waiting at Copenhagen airport for missing gear. We arrived at Sweden Rock which is a weird cross section of heavy rock. We are on the same stage today as Foghat and Ted Nugent. Volbeat is headlining the main stage. It is 11am here and I can hear sound checks from three different stages, it sounds like three radios stuck on three shitty heavy rock stations from the eighties. The crew here is really nice though, the coffee is strong and the internet connection is surprisingly good. Also I’m a lighting guy whose band is on at noon, if we don’t get a solar eclipse my job should be fairly easy.

Any questions about King Diamond or Mercyful Fate? You’ve come to the right place

  1. I think the blue booths on the right are going to welcome a lot more concert goers.

    • Mike Baker
    • June 7th, 2014

    Enjoy the tour Tim. Hope the rest of the your set ups go as easy as this one did. Keep them coming. Love your sense of humor.

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