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Notes from Das boot 199

Monday, April 7th, Melbourne 1pm (local time)
Well, that’s it. The Tour-ette ended with a great show in Melbourne at the Billboard. A ridiculously shitty load in involving one of the smallest elevators in the world was quickly forgotten (until it was time for load out) mainly because of the great house crew. The lights had gotten short shrift for the first three shows but Ben from The Billboard had an amazing set up with a bunch of LED panels for the projections and a bunch of other stuff that could have filled an arena. I’d also like to mention that Simon our Aussie tour manager was really great and made things a lot easier than they should have been.
Tuesday, April 8th, Singapore 12:45 am (local time)
An eight hour flight from Melbourne to here for an hour layover and then an other 8hr flight to Dubai. Flight was packed and kind of rough, I am fucking shot. I never really recovered from the back to back Perth/Sydney shows, (kind of like back to back L.A./NYC shows). Forgot to mention that I went to a couple of record stores in Melbourne, picked up some cool stuff at Missing Link, a couple of 60’s Aussie garage rock comps and some things that I’m drawing a blank on. Wish I had more time. Australia is a giant search engine for records I want. (having just read that last sentence, I’m not sure it makes sense). I’m also bitterly disappointed when anybody I have a conversation with in Australia isn’t well versed in the kind of music I like, “what do you mean, you don’t know about fEEDTIME or the Scientists or X. Noooo, not the American X, the Australian X. Can’t anybody in this country have an intelligent conversation about Lubricated Goat!?” My elitist record store nerdery takes over, kind of embarrassing. A big thanks to Judy Jetson for showing me around
Tuesday, April 8th, Dubai 7:30am (local)
One more time. 13hrs to Kennedy airport. Praying to the airplane gods that no one is sitting next to me, I hope I didn’t jinx it. There’s that anxious feeling when the plane is boarding and no one is sitting next to you, anybody walking by is an enemy (keep fucking moving asshole, no no nonononononono!……whew)
Tuesday, April 8th, Kennedy Airport 5:30pm
Lucked out on the seat, there was a small bird like woman sitting in the middle seat but she moved to be with the rest of her family. The plane (an Airbus A380, if you’re keeping score) was the closest thing to comfortable we’ve had yet. As good a flight as a 13+ hour flight could be, outside of an army of screaming children and broken toilets. This flight had an end, home. The other flights just led to more flights.
(An hour and a half later , in a van on the belt parkway), Good thing the flight was 2 1/2 hrs late as we missed the bulk of rush hour. Our driver, is a loud gregarious guy, who could be described as bawdy. He’s got more than a couple of crackpot conspiracy theories, normal this would bother me me but his chatter is keeping the ride going home pretty loose and it’s an easy ride. Sometimes after a few long flights the ride home is the worst as it’s never fast enough.
Red Bank, Tuesday 8:15pm
It is good to be home. It’s been about 42 hours door to door from when we left Melbourne. 9 days, over 50 hours of flying, 6 hours of shows. Goodnight.