Notes from Das Boot, 198

[I’m finishing this up backstage at the Hi-Fi in Brisbane, being serenaded by the dulcet tones of a drum check. The Internet (or internot) in clubs over here is like Charlie Brown and the football. Every club has the internet user names and passwords posted in the dressing rooms but they seldom work and when they do the connection is so slow that in the time it takes to open an e-mail it would be faster to swim home and talk to the person sending it, but everyday there’s the internet codes and everyday I fall for it.]

Finally got through Sydney, with the crazy travel schedule I got five hours sleep over two days. So while I’m still tired as hell, I’m not delirious. The show at the Hi-Fi in Sydney went surprisingly well, considering we all looked and acted like extras from The Walking Dead. The hotels we are getting over here are really nice apartments, nicer than most of the places I’ve lived. it sucks that we have less than a day in them.
Since we are flying everyday we have different techs every day. One of the techs we had was named Dyson
*Me- hey my name’s Tim, glad to meet you
Dyson- yeah, good. My name’s Dyson
Me- Dawson?
Dyson- no, Dyson
Dyson- no, Dyson. Like Tyson, Mike Tyson but with a D.
Me-…Dyson ??
Dyson- no, Dyson… It don’t matter.
I just referred to him as “hey, man” for the rest of the day.

*this reminded me of a Portlandia episode, the one with the B&B, it had Bill Hader as an Australian named Birdman.

(Below) Backstage at the Hi-Fi, Brisbane


    • Mike Baker
    • April 5th, 2014

    “Hey Man”, is that what passes for central air over in Aussie land. Four days straight travel and playing will surely make for zombies on the plane ride home.

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