Notes from Das Boot, 197

Thursday April 3rd 6pm
At the hotel this morning I had to check on some of the lighting gear. It was in the room of Simon our Australian tour manager/minder who was on a different floor. As I was getting on the elevator I held the door for a housekeeper who was a middle aged Asian woman. When I got to Simons room I realized I forgot something and had to go back. When I got on the elevator, there was the same housekeeper. I said “hey, long time, no see”. It wasn’t the same woman. I couldn’t decipher the look she gave me, it was either “leave me alone you creepy bastard!” or “we all look alike to you assholes!?”, (Yes, her look had an exclamation point). It was one of the longest ten seconds of my life, thank god she didn’t get off on my floor. First show tonight at The Amplifier. Traditionally the soundcheck for the first show is a litany of things that don’t work and today’s soundcheck was no different. The power supply for Phil’s pedals took a dump and then there’s Dave’s pedals. Dave keeps odd hours and sleeps during the day which means he hasn’t been to a soundcheck in years which hasn’t been a problem but his pedals are an enigma wrapped in a riddle, swaddled in a fuzz box. When it works correctly his setup pushes out an ungodly psychedelic howl, it usually takes a few shows to get it just right but since we only have a few shows things are a bit…tense. As all first show sound checks are.
Friday April 4th, 1:35am
A few glitches but a good show, and a solid crowd. Now the hard part, we leave the hotel at 3:30 in the morning and fly to Sydney, the other side of the country. Get off the plane, drop our shit off at the hotel and head straight to the club to set up. Yoinks! By the way are the Mets mathematically eliminated yet?

Australian money has a plasticky feeling, like washable play money

    • Spank
    • April 3rd, 2014

    0-2 as of this afternoon ….. Mets set a MLB record with 31 strikeouts in first two games.

    As of right now, Mets leading 2-1 in 4th, but it’s early.

      • Spank
      • April 3rd, 2014

      3-2 Nats, top of the 5th ….. and I’m not gonna even add “but it’s early”.

  1. Swap out that funny money for something with an even more plastic feel: vinyl!

    • Mike Baker
    • April 5th, 2014

    When you come up to tour Canada next, you can swap the Aussie bills for our plastic as well. Is it true Dave’s really a vampire.

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