Notes From Das Boot, 196

Perth, Australia
A really short four show Australian run that’s starting in Perth, this had us leaving from Kennedy instead of Newark and we flew east. After a twelve hour flight we had a two hour layover in Dubai. The airport there is gigantic, it was a half hour travel between gates, it’s a vaguely futuristic place like something that could have doubled for the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The second flight from Dubai to Perth was a jaunty eleven hours. I was bedeviled by two people on this flight. The first was a guy and his kid who sat in front of me. The guy was friendly, a little drunk and spoke with an accent that I couldn’t place and couldn’t understand. He was also a loud talker, so loud that when I was watching a movie (actually nine episodes of Twin Peaks) I thought that there was a character that I had forgotten about who was offscreen and spoke drunken nonsense with a hard to understand accent. The other passenger was an old Scottish woman who made kept making comments about what I assume was the flight, the food, and the stewardesses. I’m not really sure as I could not figure out one word she was saying and just nodded with a thoughtful look on my face. I always thought that having headphones on was the international sign of “don’t talk to me unless there is an emergency and even then think twice”. Perth is nice and it’s warm, sort of like a bizarro world California. We have our first show tonight, a hellishly early flight to Sydney at 5am tomorrow and then a show later that day. Found a really good record store here, Dada Records.


    • Spank
    • April 3rd, 2014

    Snakes in the toilets, snakes in the toilets …… hold it in until you get back to the US of A.

    You have been warned ….

  1. Must have been the David Lynch commentary bonus feature of the DVD.

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