I Hate Me, part 496,318

I was running late for band practice and tried to take a short cut. My short cuts are generally known as long cuts because about half the time it’s no shorter and sometimes they are longer but in my mind as long as I’m moving it’s better. Not everyone agrees with that, mainly because it makes no sense. Anyhow, I stopped at a 7-11 on the way to get a coffee. It’s a 7-11 I don’t normally use and as I was heading to the door I saw an older woman headed there as well. I gallantly sped up my pace to open the door for her. Unfortunately the door closer didn’t allow the door to open as wide as I thought it would and it snapped back quickly and smacked the woman and she kind of bounced off of the other door. I was standing open mouthed with pleading hands and croaked out “sorry”. She said she was ok, I went back to my car with no coffee and went to the next 7-11.

I thought these things had a name other than “door closer”

    • galbacco
    • March 5th, 2014

    Well you could call them ‘Old Lady Stun Guns’ or ‘Coffee Hijackers’…

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