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Sunday Music, 3/23/14

I haven’t written in a while as I’m trying to write songs for my bands next record, (possible titles: “The unasked for”, or “Where The Action Ain’t”) anyhow with slim writing skills and a broken scanner (scanning cool stuff is a good stop gap when I have nothing) there hasn’t been much on the blog front…hello? Is this thing on?…Any Anyhow here’s a cool song by Virgie Till, “Loose Me Love” originally a single on Glover records. I found it on a great comp The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.3 [to listen click on arrow below]

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I Hate Me, part 471,618

This one is pretty goddamned thin. I do some ordering at work, mainly new releases on cd and lp. Sometimes, especially when I go away on tour a few of the smaller companies get ignored and it’s a mad scramble when I get back to catch up. I had filled out a new release order and was faxing it to one of the companies. It was a two sided paper so I had to copy one of the sides to fax it. I had the order all ready to go and I typed in the fax number and hit send. Every now and again an incoming fax will be coming in when you are trying to fax something, it’s a pain in the ass and you just have to wait. That’s what was happening and I waited. And I waited, it was a really long incoming fax and I was getting a little steamed, “for fucks sake…..hurry the fuck up….Christ.”. I finally looked at what the incoming fax was and it seems that I hadn’t switched from copy to fax and I had typed the fax number into the number of copies I wanted. Cue sad trumpet sound.

I Hate Me, part 496,318

I was running late for band practice and tried to take a short cut. My short cuts are generally known as long cuts because about half the time it’s no shorter and sometimes they are longer but in my mind as long as I’m moving it’s better. Not everyone agrees with that, mainly because it makes no sense. Anyhow, I stopped at a 7-11 on the way to get a coffee. It’s a 7-11 I don’t normally use and as I was heading to the door I saw an older woman headed there as well. I gallantly sped up my pace to open the door for her. Unfortunately the door closer didn’t allow the door to open as wide as I thought it would and it snapped back quickly and smacked the woman and she kind of bounced off of the other door. I was standing open mouthed with pleading hands and croaked out “sorry”. She said she was ok, I went back to my car with no coffee and went to the next 7-11.

I thought these things had a name other than “door closer”