Notes from Das boot 191

Big hotel room in Barcelona that is unfortunately hermetically sealed with no ventilation, so it’s warm and stale and smells slightly of sewerage ( or is that just me). Filmed a short video about crossing the street here but for some reason I couldn’t upload it onto my wordpress blog. So I put it up on Facebook. I also have Instagram (@feedtim Or just feedtim) where there’s a lot of stuff from tour that’s too brief for an actual blog and I’m too egotistical to just keep it to myself.

    • Spank
    • February 6th, 2014

    Was the hotel room sealed in a mayonnaise jar, sitting on Funk & Wagnalls porch since noon yesterday ??

    Stop yer bitchin’ …… you could have bees in your honey, thick yellow tap water and a picture of Putin in your room.

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