Notes from Das boot 190

Went to put on my shoes this morning and noticed that one of my shoelaces is starting to get frayed. Now I know this is not a cause for alarm but I know the next time I will think about it is when it breaks and I will come up with an impressive string of as yet unknown curses. I also know that it will happen during a particularly stressful day. So instead of buying new laces I’m thinking of just cutting off my feet and attaching tank treads or something, [NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: Tim actually lost both feet in a tragic gambling incident and had his feet replaced with tank treads and now he’s fearful of loose treads]
Playing the Komplex 457 today it’s pretty large and looks like a club from a dystopian future (much like the name indicates), although they have a ton of lights, which is how future dystopias will placate lighting guys, “yes, misery and torture but look at all the moving lights”. Last night in Nuremberg at the Hirsch was great. Good sized club with an odd sized stage. House lighting guy Uwe (?) was a great world weary fellow who reminded me of a friendly Charles Bukowski. He’d been there for years and made my job easier than it had any right being.

Troubles a foot… (pause for laughter)

    • Mike Baker
    • February 3rd, 2014

    There is always a G string or two hanging around after the show. Just tell them its for an emergency so you don’t trip.

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