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Notes from Das Boot 188

En route to Budapest 9am
The roads between Leipzig and Budapest are pretty rough, it’s like a 400 mile subway ride. We’re at some government check point/toll center/truck stop in Slovenia. Usually truck stops are a good brief oasis on a long ride. It’s bright and full of bad food and weird trinkets that you’d never buy, unless you’re drunk. The truck stop part of this place was grim and utilitarian and was more of a bum out than being on the bus for thirteen hours. The place we’re playing in Budapest, the WigWam is an odd club that combines a western cowboy motif with hair metal. Imagine the classic western High Noon remade starring Poison and you’re on the right track.

Budapest 7:30pm
Well the WigWam is now called Club 202 and the western motif has been taken down a few notches which is somewhat disappointing. On the plus side the lighting desk is in a normal booth. The last time it was located in what looked like a child’s fort set up in the middle if the floor. It was very strange, I had to crawl through a small door and I couldn’t stand up in it. The show last night in Leipzig was really great, we had been told that ticket sales were shit but it filled up and turned out to be a great crowd. The house crew was also really helpful. Day off tomorrow.

Subtlety is not priority over here