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Notes from Das boot 187

1/28/14 Leipzig
Last few days have kind of been a blur. Long white knuckle drive in Norway from Bergen to Drammen. It had everything, steady snow, icy conditions, treacherous small winding roads through the mountains. Yikes. Then another long drive to Berlin which was not so much treacherous as it was boring. We played Huxley’s, real good show and crowd. There was security guy who I had to pass every time I went out to the bus. He was a nice enough guy but by the third time I had run out of small talk. I was heading out for load in and I said ” well, time to make the donuts“, which was a tag line from a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial that ran about ten to twelve years ago. This guy doesn’t know what the fuck I’m on about. Christ, why would he, Dunkin’ Donuts is barely in Europe and I’m referencing a decade old commercial. So the security guy gives me a strange look and instead of just letting go I try to explain using words and diagrams and interpretive dance. He didn’t know what I was talking about and he didn’t care what I was talking about. I realized my mistake about a minute into the over explanation. I just stopped and slunk out to do load in and for the rest of the night I used a different entrance