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Notes from Das boot 184

1/21/14, Stockholm
Had breakfast yesterday at the hotel in Copenhagen, since we’re not getting too many hotels I didn’t want to miss it. As I was eating there was a group of workers who came through to do construction work in the kitchen. They were way too suave to be construction guys, they looked like the terrorists from most of the Die Hard movies. Of course I thought the hotel restaurant was going to be taken over by a bunch of nogoodnicks (how else could you read it), so I stayed just long enough to have a second bacon sandwich and a third coffee. Surprisingly nothing happened and we were soon off to the venue. We played the small room at the Vega, which is a bit cramped but pretty solid. The first day of tour clusterfuck with the gear went as well as could be expected, without much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Good first show and with the band playing the entire new album as the main part of the set, I was pleased that the crowd stayed with it. Church of a Misery fucking killed it last night and I’m psyched that we’re touring with them. We are at Klubben today, good place with a great crew. Overnight drive to Oslo. I thought we might get some sun for the 45 minutes of daylight up here but it was just a slightly lighter grey.

From the Swedish sticker series Who Hates Racists, collect them all.