K-tel’s Crazy ONE DOLLAR DIRIGIBLE catalog

Found this catalog in a collection we bought at work, I think it’s from 1977. My favorite things here are the t-shirts, who knew there were Foosball shirts? Please remember that the Crazy ONE DOLLAR DIRIGIBLE is not valid for t-shirts. [CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE]
k tel1k tel2k tel3-1k tel4k tel5k tel6k tel7k tel8

    • Spank
    • January 10th, 2014

    Wow !!! 8 tracks for only $6.99, what a deal on this fantastic form of advanced media ……..

    Da da dum, da da dum, da da ………..(silence) ……….. click CLICK ……….(silence) ……….. dum, da da dum, da da dum.

    • Spank
    • January 15th, 2014

    Hey, lemme know if you come across any Beatles albums that have dirty, shit stained sleeves.

    Stick your hand inside a strangers album, you’ll never know what you’ll find, eh ??

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