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I Hate Me, Part 301,561

As I have mentioned before* when I go to the gym (which isn’t nearly enough) I listen to podcasts, usually Best Show/Tom Scharpling. Unfortunately during our Thanksgiving preparations my headphones were misplaced, they weren’t in the “headphone hutch” where they should have been, so I went to the gym unable to block out the other early morning gym enthusiasts. There was this late middle aged guy, one of a group of guys who pal around there like a cross between a high school gym and a coffee klatch. He was on some contraption that was in front of of an elliptical machine I was using, there were a few women on treadmills nearby as well. So this guy is doing his exercise’s but between each movement he’s letting go with a “feel the burn” roar/groan and then when he was done with his reps got up, did a lap around the machine and looked while not looking at the women to see if they were impressed with his workout regime. They didn’t seem to be. He did this for at least the twenty minutes I was using the elliptical machine. Thank god Carrie found my headphones yesterday

*see Blog 659, “Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me”