I Hate Me, part 361,910

Daylight savings time was Sunday (Fall-back, Spring-ahead) and Carrie and I went through the house and changed all the clocks that needed changing, bathroom radio, stove, clock radio. Some of them don’t work correctly (read: I have no goddamn idea on how to change them). So the clock on the microwave is now 4 hours and 9 minutes later than it actually is. Dead simple to remember especially with this easy memory tool: four runs in a grand slam and nine players on a baseball field, duh. Anyhow the easiest clock to change our big kitchen clock hasn’t been changed. It’s an old school style clock that’s not to high on the wall to grab, it’s a piece of cake but for some reason (I see the word LAZY lurking behind me) it hasn’t been changed yet and no fewer than 5 times I thought I was really late for something instead of the usual kind of late. I curse the clock but still haven’t changed it. And while I’m at it there’s some annoying beeping coming from an appliance, we don’t have a ton of appliances and it’s driving us (me) goddamned crazy. It’s not a constant beep which would be fairly easy to track down, it’s every five or ten minutes. So I hear a beep from another room, get up look around don’t see anything flashing or otherwise in need of assistance, get bored, go back to what I was doing (nothing), a few minutes later “beep” and the anger notches up just a little bit more. Maybe it was that invisible beep machine I got Carrie for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Also, I am now on Instagram under  feedtim  check it out if your interested in blurry ponderous images with little or no coherent explanation

Not our clock, I took a photo of our clock but I can't seem to send it from my phone to myself. I should just get a  can with string attached

Not our clock, I took a photo of our clock but I can’t seem to send it from my phone to myself. I should just get a can with string attached

    • spank
    • November 7th, 2013

    Do you have Verizon telephone service with a back-up battery attached to a wall in the house ?? That beeping thing happened to me just like this and it was the battery signaling that’s it’s going dead.

    Verizon wanted $60 for a new one, I don’t need my home phone on for up to 4 hours after a power outage (isn’t that what fuckin’ cell phones are for?), so I told them to fuck off, and found disabling instructions on YouTube and ripped that basterd out.

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