Monmouth County question

I’ve lived in Monmouth County (or Mammoth Country as a drunken friend of mine once misread it) most of my life and I’ve seen the county seal but have no idea what it stands for. It looks like a child’s drawing of a pirate ship or a drawing I would do if somebody asked me to draw the cover for Focus*-Mother minus the woman.  I’m sure when Sam Monmouth, the inventor of Monmouth County was designing the county logo he didn’t go to his son Sam Monmouth Jr. and ask him to draw a pirate ship or maybe he did.
Sam Monmouth: Hear ye, Hear ye. I have a logo for the great county of Monmouth
he unveils it in a grand flourish
Crowd-(stunned silence)….(then various comments)…It’s hideous!….What did your kid draw it!…BOOOO!…HISSSS!…You’ve cheapened the county…You Monster!…
The crowd starts throwing things.
Sam Monmouth: AAAUURGGHHHH!!! …..I’ll kill all of you!!
Crowd-(as one) Burn the Monster!!
And the crowd got a bunch of torches and pitchforks and marched on Castle Monmouth burning it to the ground. This story was later rewritten as Frankenstein

(*of “hocus pocus by focus” fame)

Seal of Monmouth County

Seal of Monmouth County

Mother by Focus

Mother by Focus


  1. I believe it is a plow, or some sort of early tiller of the earth. ‘Cause we’re all about bein’ farmy an’ stuff ’round here.

  2. Chris is correct

    • the artist formely known as Tiina
    • October 16th, 2013

    It’s a sea plow of death.

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