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I Hate Me, part, 310,777

Wednesday night at work, an older woman with a heavy eastern european accent was looking for a Taylor Swift cd. I showed her where the section was, she didn’t know the song title just a lyric. I looked it up, found what cd it was on and went back to give her the correct album. She had another Taylor Swift cd in her hand, I thought she was handing it to me. So I took the cd out of her hand and showed her the one with the song she wanted. She still held out her hand, I thought it was some “old world” politeness and she wanted to shake my hand for finding the cd for her. So I shook her hand. She gave me a weird look.
“No, I want the cd you took from me.”
“..uhhh…I thought you wanted to shake my hand for finding the cd for you.”
“No. I will shake your hand if you want but I want the other cd that you took from me.”
I handed her the cd but I couldn’t run out for coffee (my usual move, when embarrassed ) as we were very short handed. So I just went back to pricing records and tried not to look at anything else until she left. Which seemed like an eternity but wasn’t.