Bit of a reach

I was sitting in the backyard this morning. Half asleep, enjoying my first cup of coffee. Thinking about how I would spend the hundred’s of millions of dollars from the Power-Ball Lottery drawing that I didn’t play, maybe my brother or close relative hit it and would give me millions. While lost in my megalomaniacal daydream I looked over at the back of a house a few doors away and it looked like Hanna-Barbera cartoon character made into a house or the head of a big, square, angry duck…with a hat. I might need more sleep or coffee, I’m not sure which. [click on photo to enlarge]
flintstone house

    • galbacco
    • September 20th, 2013

    I see where you’re coming from; It’s almost Donald Duck’esque. And the more I look, the more that chimney looks like the barrel of a rifle on its back…

    • Sue
    • September 20th, 2013

    It some kind of condition we humans have to recognize a face in any object…NYT Science section wrote about it a couple of years ago

  1. That fucker’s after YOU, Tim…and he looks hungry!!!

    • Bossy Linnon
    • September 21st, 2013

    His right eye has a condition

    • spank
    • September 24th, 2013

    I was watching the original Star Track (that’s Trek, you idiot), and some alien (the one whose face looked like a black & white cookie) said something like “you humans, what you don’t understand you try to kill” ….. and then Tim see something living in a inanimate object and immediately shoots red arrows at it.

    I also believe I saw on Star Trek these little furry balls that purred like kittens and multiplied like rabbits, so my clarity and accuracy of thoughts and opinions are extremely questionable at this time.


    “Ooooooh, I give you such a pinch!”

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