Notes From Das Boot, 175

August 8, 2013 / Haarlem, Netherlands

Day off in Haarlem yesterday, beautiful old city. There’s about ten percent of the tour I wish I could bring my wife out for, there’s about ten percent that’s not drudgery, stink and tension. The day off was a large part of that ten percent and I found a copy of the new Fall album on LP. So it’s all downhill from here. Also our guitar tech who I thought was named Petty is actually named Paddy, kind of a Seinfeld “seltzer/salsa” thing. So I guess I will stop referring to him as Tom or Richard Petty. We are playing the Paatronaat tonight. If memory serves we played here on our first tour, it was a one off with Tar and it was the only time that Magnet played The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly by Music Machine .

Our hotel is so classy that their urinals have lids

  1. …hm – looks more like the washing machine. Take care 😀

    • spank
    • August 8th, 2013

    “there’s about ten percent that’s not drudgery, stink and tension

    OK, mister, spill the beans, inquiring minds wanna know ….. who on tour is responsible for drudgery and tension.

    I think we all know who’s responsible for the stink ….. 😉

  2. Ha, ha, ha! The urinals look like washing machines!

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