Notes From Das Boot, 173

August 6, 2013 / Lokerse, Belgium

Doing the Feesten Fest (not a joke name, but it kind of sounds like it), with Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and Creature With the Atom Brain. The catering is good and the showers are clean. We were talking about the last festival we did which was Speedfest in Holland last December, we had done it two years running and it’s a gigantic clusterfuck. Jim said that if you were dropped into the middle of the backstage with no explanation, it would seem like you arrived just after a large scale riot. During our set, two years in a row was a guy in a wheelchair (might have been the same guy) in front of the stage who was raised up by the crowd in a kind of triumph of man’s determination and celebration of rock, it lasted about ten seconds (both years) and then the poor guy fell out of the chair and the chair hit some kids and people were hurt and nobody really knew how to handle it, it was a mess. Day off tomorrow.

The catering rider for Alice Cooper. It seems to consist of broken and empty bottles, not what I expected.

  1. besides the Feesten Fest, are you guys doing the Aäarty pärty?

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