Notes From Das Boot, 171

August 5th, Brighton England
First two shows over and done with. The show in Tilbourg at the 013 was one of the hottest I can remember. A combination of Europe not really dealing well with excessive heat and me being used to cold drinks and climate controlled buildings, I would be happy with some middle ground (a bucket of ice and a strong fan) but it was not to be. Met our new crew, as I am terrible with names I referred (in my mind anyway) to our guitar techs as beardo and non-beardo, their real names are Bastion (beardo) and Petty (non-beardo), Rene is our new soundman. Real good first show, although no air conditioning and less ventilation made for a warm an pungent affair. The band leaned into it and the crowd was great, the house crew was stellar as most Dutch crews are. And then onto England. There’s always a sense of dread when playing smaller clubs in the U.K. from a crew point of view. It’s kind of a crapshoot, really shitty production and a house crew who doesn’t give a shit or kind of dodgey production and house guys who bust their ass to make it work. Luckily the Fleece in Bristol was the second of the two. It’s a solid room for rock and it was another good show. We’re in Brighton this morning, parked up by the beach. It’s a sunny warmish summer day and nobody’s here, I walked down to the water and what the fuck, the sand here is gigantic or as it would normally be called rocks. I walked down in my shoes and it was killing my feet, I see fenced off areas with proper sand but I think you have to pay to enjoy it. Besides religious freedom I suspect we also left England in search of smaller sand. It’s 8:30 in the morning and Garrett who I don’t think has gone to bed yet is in the downstairs lounge rooting through his luggage it sounds like he’s wrestling a bear.

English sand

    • spank
    • August 5th, 2013

    “I referred ….. to our guitar techs as beardo and non-beardo”

    Hey, good to see your creative writing courses are starting to pay off …. before you would have called them “bearded guy” and “no beard guy”.


    I see there’s no international mayhem or buffoonery from the crew going on … but then again, the tour just started.

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