Notes from Das Boot, 170

August 3, 2013, Tilbourg, Holland
Well, back on tour once again, this is a short run, less than three weeks. Flying over with gear (we bring guitars, effects and lighting slop) is a bit of a workout as we have to go thru customs with our carnet (a passport for your gear), four heavily over stacked luggage trolley’s wending through the airport like a drunken parade, in search of the customs office. Then back to check in, where we are line cloggers. Six people with 25 pieces of luggage, most of which are oversized and/or overweight. This is always a long agonizing process, the ticketing agent gets a couple of higher ups to come over to stroke their chins and cluck over the amount, size and weight of the luggage. I always think of the line from Goodfellas “Straggling in like a bunch of hobo’s” whenever we go to the airport. The flight was non eventful except when the guy sitting behind Phil reached through the seats and took the pillow that Phil was using. The guy, some Easter European type who looked like he just discovered fire that morning, was incredulous that Phil was upset and made the international face of “whaaaat?! I didn’t know.” We are playing the 013 in Tilbourg tonight as the festival we were supposed to play got canceled.

Bought this candy bar at the airport here. I liked the design of the package and let’s face it, it’s candy. I’m not sure of the name though Chocolonely? Sounds like a depressing brief description of those who are eating it. Yes, I’m lonely but I have my friend the candy bar with me.

    • spank
    • August 4th, 2013

    Once you’re over international waters, any rights to personal possessions become non-existent, hence the caveman’s pillow grab ….. he was only abiding by known protocol and was simply observing his territorial rights.

    Phil should have know better ….. it’s all explained in section II, paragraph 3, sub-section D of the The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) treaty.


    It’s a jungle out there, sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under ……

  1. does it make you feel more lonely as you eat it, or is it supposed to be comforting somehow?

  2. so, instead of getting stoned or drunk, you could just settle in with a full pack and get really stinkin’-knock-down lonely man! hey flag that guy, he’s way too lonely…

  3. Chocolonely is great for those long, tear-stained journal entries.

  4. I’m rather surprised the guy with the pillowfight didn’t die by Phil’s stare.

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