I Hate Me, 318,993

This one is pretty slight:
Being fifty one (Fifty Won-derful or Fifty One foot in the grave, depending on the day*), I have the worries of a normal person. Work, bills, family, the imminent destruction of  mankind by our own hand, The Mets, etc. but I also have problems that I thought I would have (read: should have) left in my childhood. Example, I got a great fEEDTIME sticker from Sub-Pop when I bought their box set. I was such a mutant that even though I work in a proper record store (suit and tie required) I ordered it directly from Sub-Pop, so I knew I would get it in case it sold out, because you know how great the interest would be in a box set for an old Australian band that 99.99 percent of the country never heard of (their loss). Anyhow, this sticker is great but I only got one and I still haven’t put it on anything. Do I put it on my car? I’m gonna eventually get rid of that car and then what. No sticker, that’s what. I have a binder that I have all my band’s lyrics in, there’s a lot of cool stickers on that but it’s kind getting beat up, do I put it on there and then when I need a new binder carefully cut out the fEEDTIME sticker and tape it to the new binder? I don’t know, it’s vexing. So there it sits in a shoebox next to my checkbook and couple of hard drives. Maybe somebody can affix it to my coffin.

*I don’t know if I used this puckish description of my age before, if so I apologize.
Sincerely, Creeping Senility 

it is a good looking sticker

it is a good looking sticker

  1. Two words:

    • spank
    • July 20th, 2013

    Put it in a frame and hang it on the wall, it’s art … Go to the dollar store*, they got plenty of odd shaped frames.

    *The “dollar” store in the mall raised their price to $1.09, and with NJ 7% each item is $1.17. Man, it’s tough out there, even the bullshit dollar stores are scheming to separate me from my hard earned money.

  2. you always had a wonderful eye, & you introduced me to SUBPOP (just before the earth cooled – tri-assic? sept-assic?). The years may be f-ing with you but, through those years you have passed on some wonderful stuff to a lot of people. I only hope we can return the favor in the years to come. OK enough of the sappy shit…enjoy your sticker, and don’tforget to eat your leafy green veggies..

    • foxycotic
    • July 21st, 2013

    Sometime ago I started to buy two t-shirts when I’m at a concert and really like the band and the shirt. If I would only buy one I couldn’t wear it as often as I would like to because it could get damaged or dirty or just washed out.

    I like the idea with the frame.
    But maybe you should think of using museumglass for UV light protection – otherwise the sticker might fade… and then what.
    No sticker that’s what.

    • the artist formely known as Tiina
    • July 21st, 2013

    Forget the sticker and tattoo the image on your body. It would look really cute on your forehead.

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