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Message from the U.S. Rainwear Coalition (USRC) to Radio & Television Broadcasters

With a lot of extreme weather buffeting the country lately we at the USRC have noticed a disturbing trend. When rain is in the forecast most news anchors and meteorologists say “bring an umbrella”. While an umbrella is fine for a rain shower it is not the best choice for a lot of the extreme wet weather we have seen lately. We are a non-political coalition and as such will not blame “Global Warming” on the weather, we know that’s God’s providence. We would however like to urge broadcasters nationwide to change the phrase “bring an umbrella” to “wear a raincoat”, or perhaps “wear a raincoat, because umbrellas are for the most part cheaply made and extremely dangerous”. Most rainwear is american made or at least american sold. Do you know who the transient is on the corner hawking sub par umbrella’s? Of course not. Now we’re not saying that all umbrella sellers are terrorists but with heightened security concerns you can never be too sure. Be patriotic, buy rainwear instead of an umbrella. Remember, “As goes rainwear, so goes America.”

These colors don't run (with proper care)

These colors don’t run (with proper care)