Fabian 16 Greatest Hits

Got in a copy of this record a few days ago and I really don’t know what the hell is going on with the cover. Look at his head! The illustration is by Dave McMackan
2 fabian
fabian 2A

    • spank
    • May 30th, 2013

    Looks like they “come on” and “got him” …..

    • jgall
    • May 30th, 2013

    Little known fact. Fabian’s famous hair was not comprised of thousands of hair strands like the rest of us but grew out of one giant follicle—one big fat filament of dead cells that needed to be carved into place. Difficult to maintain as standard hairdressing equipment could not accommodate, it had to be chiseled and sanded to shape—first by coal miners and later by more exacting tool and die men. Needless to say, there was a lot of trial and error involved. Looks like this image caught him on an error day!

    Side note: In order to keep his secret from going public Fabian signed an agreement with the Pennsylvania Coal Miner’s Union that forced him into an arranged marriage with Bituminous Coal Queen, Andrea Patrick. You can look it up!

  1. Is he frying an egg on his quiff?

    • the artist formely known as Tiina
    • May 31st, 2013

    I think it might have been a ‘There’s Something About Mary’-type of situation…

  2. Fontanelle?

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