I Hate Me, part 311,910

My wife had stopped into work while she was walking the dog and she wanted to get an iced tea at Starbucks. Starbucks doesn’t allow pets so it’s either I go and get her a drink or I watch the dog. Watching the dog consists of me holding the pup while helping customers, it’s not terrible but I’m pretty self conscious about it
Me-Hi, do you need help finding anything?
Customer-(looking at sad dog in my arms) …Kenny Chesney
Me-(noticing customer looking at large man with sad dog in his arms)…yeah…I’m watching my dog while..my wife…I don’t usually walk around the store with uh…dog..in..my……Kenny Chesney was it?
When Lucy does sad it takes on a Dickensian quality. So I chose to go to Starbucks and get Carrie her iced tea. I go to Starbucks a lot and every now and then, they will give me my coffee for free, like a bar buying back a drink for a good customer. It’s nice but I always feel a little weird and I tend to way overtip almost the amount of the coffee I’m getting for free. So I went in and ordered Carrie her iced tea and a tall red eye for myself (hot coffee with a shot of espresso). The guy repeated back my order and then only charged me for the iced tea. Great, thanks a lot. So I went down to the end of the counter to wait with everyone else for their orders. Eventually the iced tea shows up and I waited for the red eye, and waited. Nothing, now I not sure what my play is here. I haven’t yet received a coffee that I wasn’t charged for. It’s kind of like “If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” except substitute free coffee for fallen tree or a fallen tree made of coffee. Anyhow, I asked if there was a red eye for me in the line up of coffees not yet made, was told no. So I weighed the options of going back to the end of the line and re-ordering it or complaining about the lack of a free coffee. I ended up leaving with just Carrie’s iced tea, I didn’t really need that fifth cup of coffee.

    • spank
    • May 15th, 2013

    Next time just tell the Mrs. “Why don’t you drag your ass over to Mr. Mean Slice and get a Snapple, I’m trying to sell records here”.

    Of course, I’d never say that, I just wanna see you get in trouble with the better half, get’s us reader’s plenty of Ugh material.

    P.S. If you’re gonna include Lucy in any of your stories, you have to post a pic ….. I just made it the law around here.

    • the artist formely known as Tiina
    • May 15th, 2013

    You holding sad Lucy while helping customers at Jack’s must be such a lovely sight. Kinda like Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell. Did you know that eventually Tinkerbell got so sad and depressed she shot herself?

      • spank
      • May 15th, 2013

      “Did you know that eventually Tinkerbell got so sad and depressed she shot herself?”

      Oh look, another person who get’s all their culture from cartoons …….. sweet, me too.

        • the artist formely known as Tiina
        • May 15th, 2013

        No, not _just_ cartoons. I also read romance novels. Ahem.

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