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Sleazy Business: A Pictorial History of Exploitation Tabloids 1959-1974

I was going through my stuff and I found a book that I thought was lost, Sleazy Business by Alan Betrock. Betrock (who died in 2000) was kind of a renaissance man who produced Blondie’s early recordings, founded the New York Rocker an early punk/new wave magazine and had Shake Records who released early dB’s records. He also did Shake Books which specialized in the history exploitation,sleaze and early Rock ‘n Roll. Shake Books was to publishing what the Cramps were to music. Sleazy Business came out in 1996 and it’s well worth seeking out. It’s not all larfs either, a lot of it is pretty brutal and sad. Here’s a few front pages (I avoided the more brutal, sad stuff).
sleazy 2sleazy 3sleazy 4
sleazy 5sleazy 6
sleazy 1sleazy 7