Odds and Ends

A lot of what I write never makes it to the blog because A) it’s terrible or B) it’s a half formed idea that never really makes it into a complete piece. So here are a couple of partial things that wouldn’t make it on their own and barely make it in this grab bag of mirth:
This is most of the back cover of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band album Stranger in Town from 1978. These guys were Midwest working class rock guys, their main audience was blue collar rock guys and their ladies. They weren’t flamboyant like Queen, or occulty like Led Zeppelin, or vaguely sci-fi-ish like Rush. Seger was working the same side of the street as Springsteen and Tom Petty. What the hell is going on with the two guys on the right? Seger looks like you’d expect, a bit hipper version of Kenny Rogers and Pinky McSatin looks like he could be auditioning for Journey but its those two guys on the right…

Sean found this drawing in a used book at work, it looks pretty old. I like the addition of the check marks, like there was a list of things to be drawn: Shoulders, check and check, Completed fancy woman with no feet, check
drawing in book

During the horse meat in Ikea story a while ago I was trying to show that there was horse meat in everything Ikea sold, not just the meatballs. It was a fairly thin premise and everything seemed redundant after the first one

"The Snern table, great for dorms or small apartments. Contains only 18% horse meat, earlier models had close to 23%"

“The Snern table, great for dorms or small apartments. Contains only 18% horse meat, earlier models had close to 23%”

    • spank
    • April 9th, 2013

    That guy just to right of Bob Seger is Alto Reed, who played saxophone for the Silver Bullet Band, and let me tell you this guy has gigantic balls of steel, despite the way he’s dressed.

    I saw them open for the KISS Destroyer tour in 1976 at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. They’re kicking out the jams, and the sax is blowing like crazy, but the dude is nowhere to be seen on stage. All of a sudden, someone says “look up there” and this dude is on top of the mountain of PA stacks stage left …… Now I don’t know exactly how tall it was, but it was pretty fucking high, and he’s rockin’ away on the edge ….. not just standing there, but swaying and rockin’ without missing a beat. Most people standing on a ledge that high would immediately shit themselves, but not Alto Reed …… now that’s what I call balls of steel.

    Later that night, as Gene Simmons blew fire out of his mouth, someone near me said “awesome” and another person replied to him “not as awesome as that guy playing saxophone up on the speakers”.

    • eyeball
    • April 9th, 2013

    Obviously no horsemeat in Segers band.

    • Tiina
    • April 9th, 2013

    Ikea isn’t famous for only using horse meat in creative ways, they also use horse hair, hooves and shit in many of their products. In fact, they have very nice decorative items made entirely of horse shit. For example the extremely popular “häst skit” -product line, that consists of candle holders, picture frames and various bowls and cups, manages to combine the practicality and the timeless beauty of horse manure as a material for interior design. And why not use the whole horse instead of just a part of it? It’s both economical and ecological!

    Sweden, leading the way!

  1. that was hilarious. I like tiina’s addition – like scrapple for home design, or should i say “skräple.”

    • Cheryl
    • April 14th, 2013

    Hahaha! My mom always called particle board “Horseshit Board”….she did have a touch of Swede in her bloodline!

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