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[this one is kind of thin]

Guy looking through the cd racks and loudly reading the names on the dividers
“Blood Sweat and Tears….Bowie…yeah…Brian Jonestown Massacre?
…Brian…Jones…Town…Massacre?….Claaaaash”. This went on for a while and Matt eventually asked him if he needed any help
Guy-”yeah, where’s your folk rock section”
Matt- “we have a folk section and we have a rock section but we don’t have a folk rock section, who were you looking for?
Guy- “Bluegrass”
We then made a giant bonfire in the parking lot with all the cd’s and albums in the store*

*I just added that last part to make it more interesting. God knows it couldn’t be less interesting. Here’s a less interesting story just to make the above story more fascinating :
Guy- “do you have the new Bon Jovi cd?
Me- “sure, it’s right over here.”
Guy- “thanks.”
See, now the top story seems like it should be told at the Algonquin Round Table**

**I just added the A.R.T. (Algonquin Round Table for those not in the “know”) reference to show that I have sense of history, to give the blog a “literary gravitas” or at least the illusion of “literary””gravitas” or “lit” “era” “r” “y grav” “itas” “”***

***is it too early to start drinking?****